Refinery configurations- complex systems of multiple processes and chemical reactions- are structured to meet the needs of the markets they serve. Understanding refinery systems-how they work, relate and the challenges they face- is crucial to operational and economic success. We at Chemi Control Pars provide the depth of expertise to help you maximize your profits. Our solutions and chemical programs protect your assets, mitigate risk and meet your obligations on time. Technical team at Chemi Control Pars Offers superior, reliable and sustainable solutions for every processing threat your plant faces, from corrosion control and fouling management to solutions that help you achieve sustainability targets when manufacturing ethylene, butadiene, styrene, and vinyl acetate, we reduce your total cost of operations and deliver long –term gains. We take pride in offering sustainable, reliable and profitable solutions for the petrochemical industry. We understand oil and gas refineries have unique challenges that require efficient and safe solutions. We deliver technologies tailored to your operating requirements to improve productivity. Optimize performance and equipment life, Increase process up time, Reduce costs and waste, Improve safety And ensure cost – effective regulatory compliance. Our process chemicals help you overcome the problems associated with opportunity crude processing, corrosion, fouling, Desalination and foaming. We have the right chemicals to help you with metal passivation, cleaning, and degassing. These chemical products are backed by years of expertise to develop a robust program to solve you processing challenges.