Why do you need waste water treatment ?

Without effective waste water treatment your waste water will remain contaminated. Meaning you will experience higher running costs ( including water and disposal ), efficiency problems and of course possible environmental problems.

Waste water is treated in three main ways :

1. Settlement – The wastewater is directed into a holding tank, large enough to have sufficient time to either: sink or float contaminant from the wastewater stream prior to float contaminant from the wastewater stream prior to discharge to foul drain.

2. Chemical Treatment-This treatment is required at four key stages to remove the contaminants prior to discharge to foul drain: coagulation, precipitation flocculation and separation.

3. Biological Treatment – This treatment utilizes bacteria or enzymes to digest the contaminants. The wastewater stream is directed into a suitable holding system. There the bacteria are injected and feed off the wastewater contaminants, prior to discharge to for drain.

At Advanced Water Technologies, we have developed a comprehensive waste water treatment program for effective management, improved performance and to keep your system operating safely and efficiently.Because we are compliant with the latest legislation and regulations, particularly in the areas of health, safety and the environment, you can be sure that the solution we deliver will be high quality, reliable, cost effective and tailored to meet your exact requirements. Chemicals we use in our waste water treatment