CCP Solutions
Our competitive advantage is handling the client ,s problems by a solution based approach.
Microbiological activity can quickly lead to significant problems including corrosion, blockages due to biofilm formation and fuel degradation. Chemi Control Pars has a wide range of fuel and water soluble biocides to meet specific requirements.
Mercaptan Removers
Although not as acidic and reactive and reactive as hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans will still cause problems if not removed. Typical hydrogen sulphide scavengers are not particularly effective at removing mercaptans from hydrocarbons. CCP has products which are formulated specifically for mercaptan removal.
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About Us

We, Chemi Control Pars , are a leading and independent company founded in 2005. An especially chemical offering is often not a one-size-fits-all solution. Chemi Control Pars helps upstream and downstream oil, gas and petrochemical industry by providing cost effective solution to control corrosion, reduce deposition, save energy, Treat produced water for reuse or disposal specification, curtail downtime, Increase productivity and optimize system performance.
Regardless of weather it is onshore or offshore, oil producers are facing many challenges while striving to optimize their production and maintain safely.
At Chemi Control Pars we understand these challenges and address them with, sophisticated chemistry and predictive technology to improve production operations. We at Chemi Control Pars offer one of the largest ranges of chemical products and support services available from a reliable source in case.

Mission and Vision

To be a Global brand by offering world – class, Quality products to the clients at an affordable price. Our mission serves as the framework for our strategy and Guides every aspect of our business by describing what we need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth.

Sustainability is a priority interest for our Chemi Control Pars Economic, social, and environmental concerns and demands are considered the three pillars of sustainability. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and planet to ensure responsible, Ethical and ongoing success. We at Chemi Control Pars offer green technologies with high level performance on saving energy that have minimal negative impacts on the global or local environment, community, and society.
We have developed, Offered and guaranteed solutions and strategies that support long –term ecological balance. Our business sustainability has helped us make sure that we have and will continue to have resources for present and future generations as well as to protect human health and our environment.
Chemi Control Pars is committed to health, safety and the environment. Our responsible care® certifications and global adherence to ISO9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards reflect that commitment. We continue to audit our processes and performance, internally and through third parties, striving for zero incidents.

Why Chemi Control Pars?

As a pioneer in oil. Gas and petrochemical industry chemical services. We’re here to help you keep production safely and cost – effectively flowing. Wherever you operate and whatever the challenge. Our chemical products and services add tangible value to your production operations.

Wherever the hunt for hydrocarbons takes you. We’ll help you control the host of issues that can stop the flow of product to market. Whether it’s cold – weather programs to maintain operation in plunging temperatures, or certified chemicals for deep water or controlling mineral scale. Our chemical experts will help you diagnose potential risks, implement the right chemistry, and continually monitor and adjust the treatment to keep your production flowing safely and efficiently.

New well or mature, oil or gas production, our production optimization chemicals will help you boost production, reduce operating costs, reinvigorate declining production, minimize losses caused by carryover and keep assets producing profitably.

Asset integrity problems in the oil and gas industry can be difficult to accurately and quickly identify. If left unchecked, these problems can eventually result in equipment failure and increased operational costs as well as escalating safety risks and environmental concerns. Let us help you extend the life of your production equipment and minimize asset downtime.

our clients

Clients Country Commodity Coding
Anti-foam for Gas swetenting plant
CCP 1009
Statoil Hydro
Corrosion inhibitor | Demulsifier | Anti - Foam
CCP 1004 | CCP 1002 | CCP 1012
South Korea
Phosphate | Demulsifier | Flotation agent
CCP 1007 | CCP 1002 | CCP 1008
Di Methoxy Methane ( DMM )
CCP 1003
Scale - inhibitor | Demulsifier Breaker | Corrosion inhibitor | Oxygen scavenger
CCP 1010 | CCP 1011 | CCP 1004 | CCP 9220

North Oil Co.

Release Agent
CCP 6440
Anti - Scale | Phosphate | Anti - foam for gas sweetening plant
CCP 7650 | CCP 1007 | CCP 6440
Sodium bi carbonate | Anti - scale for sea line | Methanol | Anti - Scale
CCP 1013 | CCP 1014 | CCP 1015 | CCP 7650
Gachsaran oil company NGL-1200
Anti - foam gas sweetening plant | Anti - foam amine
CCP 1018 | CCP 1020
Karoun oil and Gas operation Co.
Anti - Foam
CCP 1012
Zagros petrochemical company
Anti - Scale
CCP 7650
Khorasan petrochemical company
Anti - caking agent
CCP 120
SPGC 7th - Refinery
Anti - foam gas sweetening gas | Release Agent
CCP 1021 | CCP 6440
SPGC 3rd, 2nd - Refinery
Release Agent | Anti - Scale
CCP 6440 | CCP 7650
South zagros company
H2S Scavenger
CCP 1029
Kermaint company
Anti - Foam
CCP 1012
SPGC 5th - Refinery
Oxygen Scavenger | Phosphate | Neutralization | Amine AN 7015
CCP 1023
Release Agent
CCP 6440
Ilam Gas Refinery
Release Agent
CCP 6440
Khangiran Gas Refinery
Release Agent | Anti - foam amine
CCP 6440 | CCP 1024
Naft Gostar Co.
Anti - Foam
CCP 1012
Sarkhoon and qeshm gas refinery Co.
H2S Scavenger
CCP 1029
Pars petrochemical company
Polymerization inhibitor
CCP 811
SZOGPC (south zagros oil and gas Product run Co. )
H2S Scavenger
CCP 1029
Oil industries commissioning and Operation
CCP 1015
Arvandan oil, Gas company
Release Agent | Anti - Foam
CCP 6440 | CCP 1012
Lavan oil refinery company
Release Agent
CCP 6440
Fanavaran Petrochemical company
CCP 1001


( I.M.S )

Integrated Management System

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management System

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Occupational Health and Safety Management

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